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Why Cold Exposure??

I always ask myself why when the shower turns too cold. According to a summary of research involving cold exposure the main benefits involve:

  1. increases in metabolism

  2. stimulation of brown fat

  3. positive changes in storage and metabolism of existing fat in men

  4. release of norepinephrine to generate heat and reduce pain,

  5. increased insulin sensitivity which reduces the concentration of insulin in the blood

  6. reduction of atherosclerosis

  7. improved stress response

  8. strengthened cardiovascular system

The big concern with cold exposure is the increased load it places on the heart. If you suffer from cardiovascular disease cold exposure may not be for you. Definitely consult your doctor if you have heart problems.

Espeland, D., & Mercer, J. B. (2021). Health effects of voluntary exposure to cold water – a continuing subject of debate. International Journal of Circumpolar Health, 81(1).

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