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Let's talk Coffee!!!

Cut the crap! I run on coffee and need to know if I am drinking my own grave or filling it in, let's discuss what the research says which I linked below.


  1. Reduced risk of Mortality according to AHA

  2. Lower chance of Cardiovascular disease

  3. Lower chance of Type 2 diabetes

  4. Lower chance of Parkinson's disease

  5. Lower chance of Uterine and liver cancer

  6. Lower liver Cirrhosis

  7. Lower chance of gout

  8. Prevent damage to DNA

  9. Milk in Coffee reduces inflammation

Now for the catch! If you drink more than 6 cups a day it will increase your risk of cardiovascular disease by 22%. So if you drink a lot of coffee and have a high unexplainable blood pressure it might be time to cut back. Another interesting point is to drink water first when you wake up and wait a hour before your morning joe!

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