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It is Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! It has been a long week and it is time for the weekend. To enhance weekend enjoyment, let's focus on Wu Wei, a Chinese concept, and combine it with Stoicism, a Greek concept. Wu Wei is the concept of effortless action, letting things happen as they do and not torturing yourself with the need for control. Stoicism involves deciding what you can control and cannot and only worrying about what you can control while enduring hardship with grace. When you combine these two philosophies you will let these happen without stressing about the outcome and only focusing on what you can control while riding out the storm to arrive at the outcome. Remember you did not great the outside variables like the storm and they could wreck your ship leaving you unable to achieve your outcome, so the

outcome is not within your control. We can only use the tools we have to achieve a goal but outside variables sometimes make that goal unattainable. Trying to control the uncontrollable creates unnecessary stress that you do not need. Have a great weekend!

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