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The Full Story

Boulder Pass Glacier National Park

What is the final thought that gets you out of bed in the morning? Once you are out of bed who controls whether you have a good or bad day? If someone has a negative opinion of you do you have to accept it? When I had to give up my career as a Dentist, due to a chronic neurological disease at a young age, I was left to watch the world move on without me. It forced me to really think about what matters in life. If I cannot feel good on a daily basis how can I be happy?  These thoughts have sent me on a quest for answers. Life is a complex problem that we all need to solve. I have chosen to target how my mind thinks and processes information. I have also chosen to try to enhance my body to the best it can be with diet and various exercise practices. There is not a one size fits all equation and the process has been trial and error for me. In this process, I have also traveled down the wrong path with snake oil-type remedies that did not work and cost a lot of money and mental anguish.  Every day I try to find more information that will enhance the wellness of my life. It takes a lot of time to listen to everyone's advice and read research,  books, and articles.  I started this blog with the hopes of helping everyone along their own personal journey to long-term happiness, contentment, and joy by giving them the short answer to the research I have found about wellness!  


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